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Earlier this week I went to the summer show at my old haunt, The Bartlett school of architecture.  There was an amazing array of work, as expected, and I know how hard everyone slaved to produce it.  I stupidly didn’t take photographs of the show itself, but you still have a chance to go - it is on until 5pm tomorrow (Saturday 9th July).

On display is everything from hand drawings to computer renderings, models, installations, and some very accomplished films.  With all this across 23 design units, one thing Bartfest could not be called is boring.

I thought I would share some images from the show catalogue… they don’t compare to seeing the overwhelming amount of work in the flesh, but even so…


BSc Unit 4 (Tutors: Mike Aling + Luke Pearson)

BSc Unit 4 - I especially love Aaron Lee’s exploded 3D drawing of a bodyguard training facility in Las Vegas (bottom left)

BSc Unit 5 (Tutors: Julia Backhaus + Pedro Font Alba)

BSc Unit 8 (Tutors: Johan Berglund + Rhys Cannon)

BSc Unit 9 (Tutors: Max Dewdney + Chee-Kit Lai) - another great exploded axonometric drawing, this one by Louis Sullivan (right)


MArch Unit 11 (Tutors: Laura Allen + Mark Smout) - beautiful drawing of an air purifying building by Rina Kukaj (right)

MArch Unit 12 (Tutors: Matthew Butcher, Elizabeth Dow + Jonathan Hill) - this unit is known for its ridiculously good hand drawings, and did not disappoint this year

MArch Unit 15 (Tutors: Nic Clear + Simon Kennedy) - incredibly well rendered, very spatial films.  I for one cannot begin to understand how they make them… Scary.

MArch Unit 16 (Tutors: Simon Herron + Susanne Isa) - awesome hand-drawing of an engineer’s palace by Meor Haris K Bahrin (right)

MArch Unit 21 (Tutors: Abigail Ashton + Andrew Porter) - intricate and colourful model of a theatrical pleasure ground by Sarah Bromley (right)

Go and have a look, you won’t believe your eyes.  And to all this year’s Bartloids: congratulations!

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